Issa Touma


Issa Touma (1962, Syria) lives and works in Aleppo. Issa Touma began his career as a photographer in the early 1990s. Finding himself isolated from the international art world and photography scene, he established Black and White, a gallery dedicated to photography, in Aleppo in 1992. After its closure, in 1996 he founded Le Pont Organization and Gallery, an independent art organization to promote freedom of expression and stimulate the local art scene through international events.

In 1997 Le Pont organized the first International Photography Gathering, Aleppo, one of the first international contemporary photography events in the Middle East. In Spring 2012, Le Pont initiated the /Art Camping/workshops, which attempt to counter the violence of the insurgency with artistic interventions around Aleppo.

In 2006 Touma served as artistic consultant for the exhibition Images of Syria, at Moestings Hus, Copenhagen.

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