Greg Burk

Born in Lansing Michigan, pianist Greg Burk grew up in a family of classical musicians.  His predisposition for improvisation led him to discover jazz and by age 16 he was working professionally.

Upon moving to Detroit he became immersed into the city’s fertile and historically rich jazz culture. At 26, Greg enrolled into the Masters program at New England Conservatory where he studied with jazz legends George Russell, Danilo Perez and Paul Bley. His debut recording «Checking In» was released in 2002 by the legendary Italian Soul Note label.

 Greg’s numerous recordings have been widely celebrated by critics for their originality and emotional impact. In addition to his activities as a performer and recording artist,  Mr. Burk has taught at Berklee College of Music, New York University and Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan Italy. His lifelong interest in rhythm and his activity in education led to the ideation and realization of «MyRhythm», an innovative rhythmic skills App. He lives in Rome Italy with his wife and two daughters. 


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