Civil Revolt

Some annotations about the songs...


Civil Revolt of Turkey June 2013: Sound of Streets  l This is the real sound of the streets. It was incrediable times. There was no government, no rules. Completely freedom. Revolt organized by itself spontaneously: 90’s generation resisted at streets, 80’s and 70’s generations focused on social media, 60’s generation made analyses of resistance at media organs and 50’s generation protested the goverment from the window or balcony of their home.

Sound of Pots and Pans: Kardeş Türküler l The name of the group means «Brotherly Songs». They interpret of Anatolian folksongs such as TurkishArabic, KurdishAssyrianAzerbaijaniGeorgian and Armenian.

They made this song during the revolt. At the beginning of song Turkey’s Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdoğan is speaking. He made this speech at the first days of the revolt. He says: «I want to say only one thing: Pots and pans, always the same sound.» His sentences means: Turkish people always protest something, we use to see this kind of protests, but we don’t care them. Lyrics of song criticise the Prime Minister ironically.

Babamız Bizi Sevmedi: BabaZuLa l BabaZula is very special, important and marjinal Turkish group. They use wide range of instruments and create a unique psychedelic sound, combining. The title of their song: Our father didn’t love us, (because) we are ugly, ugly.)

Freedom: Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton

Day After Tomorrow: Tom Waits

Keçe Kurdan: Aynur Dogan l The title of the song means «Kurdish girl». The song ong says: Rise Kurdish girls, make your sound loud. Some hard things are waiting you but you are educated now and you have to use your pencil instead of weapons ….

Singer Aynur Dogan is also kurdish women (and also from my born city). Last year, when she gave a concert in Istanbul, some nationalist Turkish people threw plastic bottle  to her because of the Turkish-Kurdish war. As an artist, she really came to face to face with barbarous attitude.

Devrim Yürüyüşümüz Sürüyor: Grup Yorum l The title of the song means: Our revolution walk is going on. Grup Yorum is a Turkish band known for their political songwriting. Grup Yorum (Yorum means «interpretation» or «comment» in Turkish) has released twenty albums since 1987. Some of the group’s concerts and albums were banned over the years, and some of the group members were allegedly arrested or tortured many times.

No Church in the Wild: Kanye West & Jay-Z

Bone Bomb: Brian Eno

Mayrig: Erkan Oğur & Djivan Gasparyan l This song is an Armenian song. The title of the song means «mother».  Erkan Oğur is a Turkish musician, Djivan Gasparyan is Armenian. They made a collaborative album 2001 called «Fuad».

Kurdo: Issa Hasan

Barra Barra: Rachid Taha

Mama Said: Metallica

Sea above, Sky below: Nick Cave & The Dirty Three

Ferfecir: Metin & Kemal Kahraman l I can translate the title of song as: Very early minutes of dawn (Aurora). Metin & Kemal Kahraman, brothers, are making the collections in the Dersim-Erzincan (East of Turkey). They have observed the daily life, written and non-written literature , beliefs, music and various qualities of the region. Some of their albums have the form of documentary. They live and work in Berlin.

The Host of Seraphim: Dead Can Dance

Karanlığın İçinden: Erkan Oğur l The title of the song: from inside of the dark. A little underground song. A man and his revolt story with the city and the wild rule. This is a sondtrack of a Turkish film called  «Eşkıya/The Bandit»)

Blue Nile: Bahramji & Mashti

In the Name of the Father: Bono & Gavin Friday

Siya Wan: Voghperk-KardeşTürküler  l The title of the song is Armenian. I am not sure, but I think it says: Again and again my sound reaches to the sky, I can’t fit in the shadows of my dreams. The wind of South passed away of my homeland. It destroyed all of the trees, flowers ….

Road to Peace: Tom Waits

Uy Aha: Kazım Koyuncu l It is impossible to translate this song’s name, because it is very Turkish. But I can say that the song calls people to come together. The singer Kazım Koyuncu was very  talented and creative musician. But he died during treatment for lung cancer in 2005. He was only 37 years old.  Although strongly denied by Health Minister Recep Akdag, it is popularly thought that the Chernobyl Disaster was the cause of Koyuncu’s cancer, a sentiment shared by many locals on Turkey’s Black Sea coast.

V pour Vérité: Keny Arkana

Hey You: Pink Floyd

Bahar: BabaZuLa l The title of the song means «spring»

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